#Huawei delivering safe networks for the 5G era

| October 10, 2019

Huawei welcomes the EU coordinated 5G network security risk assessment that was released today. This exercise is an important step towards developing a common approach to cybersecurity and delivering safe networks for the 5G era.

Huawei said today “We are pleased to note that the EU delivered on its commitment to take an evidence-based approach, thoroughly analyzing risks rather than targeting specific countries or actors.

We are a 100% private company wholly owned by its employees, and cybersecurity is a top priority: our end-to-end cybersecurity assurance system covers all process areas, and our solid track record proves that it works.

The successful and timely deployment of 5G networks in Europe will depend on the use of expertise and cutting-edge technology from around the globe. Our strong and continuing collaboration with our European partners is a unique opportunity for Europe to maintain its technology leadership.

As the EU moves from identifying risks towards elaborating the common security framework required to manage and mitigate these risks, we hope this work will continue to be guided by the same facts-based approach. We stand ready to work with European partners to help develop this framework and deliver safe and fast connectivity for Europe’s future needs. “


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