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Commission welcomes political agreement on automated data exchange for police co-operation




The security of those living in Europe is a key priority for the Commission. To fight crime effectively, law enforcement authorities need to be able to exchange data in a timely manner.

Today, the Commission welcomes the political agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the Regulation on automated data exchange for police cooperation (Prüm II). This agreement revises the existing Prüm framework, a cornerstone of EU police cooperation and a core element of the EU's framework to enhance security in the European Union.

By revising the existing Prüm framework, this agreement will upgrade law enforcement tools to fight crime.

The Prüm framework has proven instrumental in solving many crimes in Europe. Exchanges under the Prüm framework are used on a daily basis by the police for identifying criminals, and for the fight against organised crime, drugs, terrorism, sexual exploitation, trafficking of human beings and other criminal activities. This framework is now being significantly improved by adding facial images and police records, which are crucial for law enforcement, and by centralising data flows, to make them faster and more effective.  

The new Prüm II Regulation will close information gaps and boost prevention, detection and investigation of criminal offences in the EU, fostering security for everyone in Europe.  

The new rules will improve, facilitate and accelerate data exchange under the existing Prüm framework by:

  • Preserving the existing automated exchange on DNA profiles, dactyloscopic data and vehicle registration data.
  • Allowing searches on vehicle registration data using the identity data of criminals.
  • Starting automated data exchanges on facial images and police records.
  • Establishing a central router to simplify the automated exchanges on biometric data.
  • Establishing the European Police Records Index System (EPRIS) to allow for automated exchange of police records.
  • Ensuring that, after a confirmed match on biometric data via the exchange of identification data, there is a follow up within 48 hours.
  • Including Europol to the Prüm framework.
  • Aligning exchanges under the Prüm framework to the data protection framework with strong safeguards.

Next steps


The European Parliament and the Council will now have to formally adopt the regulation in line with the political agreement reached.


The Prüm II proposal forms part of a coherent package also comprising a Council Recommendation reinforcing operational cross-border police co-operation adopted in June 2022 and a Directive on information exchange between law enforcement authorities of member states adopted in May 2023.

The Prüm II proposal is the last and missing pillar of the December 2021 Police Cooperation Package.

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Proposal for a regulation on automated data exchange for police co-operation (“Prüm II”)

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