#FUW meets with United States Department of Agriculture

FUW 1US Counselor for Agricultural Affairs Stan Phillips receives a copy of A Family Affair from FUW President Glyn Roberts

Farmers’ Union of Wales officials recently met with the United States Department of Agriculture to discuss the future of the Welsh agricultural industry.

Welcoming the United States Department of Agriculture representatives Stan Phillips, Counselor for Agricultural Affairs and Steve Knight, Agricultural Specialist, were FUW President Glyn Roberts, the Union’s Managing Director Alan Davies and Senior Policy Officer Hazel Wright.

“We welcomed the opportunity to provide an insight into Wales’ current political, economic and social situation and share information on the Welsh farming sectors, its geography and the current incomes and exports arrangements with the US Department of Agriculture,” said Glyn Roberts following the meeting.

“Sharing experiences and information with our US colleagues is vital in the process of establishing an export market for our Welsh lamb and beef,” he added.

The FUW was keen to use the opportunity to promote the high quality of Welsh agricultural produce and the high environmental and welfare standards that producers adhere to.

“We highlighted the strong export relationship we have with the European market today by explaining that the market for Welsh red meat in Europe is worth close to £200 million a year and accounts for 90% of Welsh agricultural exports.

“In 2014, export figures show that approximately 35% of sheep meat produced in Wales was exported to the European Union with 93% of Welsh lamb exports, 93% of Welsh beef exports and 98% of dairy exports destined for EU countries,” said Roberts.

Given the ongoing Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership developments between the EU and the US, the FUW was also keen to discuss the use of equivalencies in regulation, the protection of PGI Welsh lamb and the move towards better and more accurate food labelling.

“The FUW was pleased to hear that significant progress has been made on Welsh beef and lambs exports into the US and we will be interested to see how this market develops in the future”, added Roberts.


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