The Advantages of #Peer-to-Peer Lending

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For many years, if someone wanted a loan, they would have to apply for one through a bank. Before they received that loan, the bank investigated their credit and decided what the rate of interest would be applicable.

However, there is another way to get a loan without worrying about a low credit score or high interest rates. This is peer-to-peer lending or P2P. Through peer-to-peer lending platforms, individuals can invest their money in other individuals, with an interest rate that the two groups have agreed is fair.

Quick and Easy

The first major advantage of peer-to-peer lending is that the application is easy, at least compared to more traditional loans. Even if someone has bad credit, if they are trying to find a loan through a peer-to-peer lending platform they are more likely to find one or more people who are willing to give them a chance. This is much less likely to happen at a bank.

Additionally, there is typically no need to use collateral, like your car or house. Finally, if you check your interest rate, it will not change your credit score. Together, these three things make getting a loan through peer-to-peer lending a much quicker and easier process, something that can be very useful if you need the money quickly.

No Hidden Fees

Since peer-to-peer lending occurs between two individuals rather than between an individual and an institution, there are typically fewer fees. There is typically no need for a processing fee, an application fee, or other similar fees. One of the major appeals of the peer-to-peer lending system, in fact, is the fact that they have lower interest rates. This not only helps the borrow save money but also helps the lenders save some money as well.

Lenders make money by not having anyone work as their intermediary, allowing them to make more money from interest while not charging anymore. With lower interest costs and no hidden fees, the borrower is able to pay the lender back much quicker than they might be able to repay a bank loan. Both the lender and the borrow win in that situation.

Sense of Community

Many of the peer-to-peer lending platforms are very active. The people who are involved tend to enjoy talking to each other, sharing their experiences, debating policies, and generally bonding. Many people who use peer-to-peer lending and do not have poor credit just strongly dislike banks. This gives them a place to meet people with similar ideas while helping people who are unable to get a loan otherwise.

The more personal aspect of the peer-to-peer lending system means that the people involved have the option to share their stories. Hearing their stories can encourage lenders to loan those individuals money.

Although there is a risk to loaning money to people in a peer-to-peer loan situation, there are many benefits for both the borrower and the lender. Together, they are part of a community of peer-to-peer lenders, avoid hidden fees and high interest rates, and be approved for a loan quicker and easier than before.


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