EGBA Publishes #EU GDPR code of conduct for Online Gaming Companies

| July 15, 2020

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has put out a code of conduct to the industry specifically dealing with how gaming operators should handle the processing of personal information in line with GDPR. Even though the gaming operators on Casino Billions Ireland are known for their strong data protection, this update will directly affect them and many other operators around Europe in terms of their personal data conduct.

The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is often at the forefront of innovation due to the stringent rules and regulations that are applied to the sector. And this time is no different as the EGBA seeks to clarify the complex EU General Data Protection Regulation situation for all operators under its jurisdiction.

The EGBA represents many of the best-known online gaming operators in Europe and Ireland: from well-known sports betting companies such as Paddy Power and Boylesports to popular online casino sites. Still referred to in some circles by its old name of the European Betting Association, the EGBA assists national bodies in the regulation of gaming. Although membership is not obligatory, companies that do openly adhere to the standards are considered to be of the highest integrity.


GDPR has opened up a can of worms for all who deal with personal information, and so this step taken by the EGBA is already being welcomed by various spokespersons for operators. GDPR adherence has already proven complex for many businesses across industries, and there have already been some high-profile cases of fines and penalties applied to Irish companies, while the country’s Data Protection  Commission has already sought to provide clarification for those who remain uncertain regarding this responsibilities in terms of personal data.

As well as assuring customers that their rights will be respected and protected, the guidance seeks to clarify rules in situations such as the transference of personal data from one operator to another, the information that should always be contained in an operator’s privacy policy, and the exceptions to the normal rules when an investigation is in place.

It marks a positive step for the gaming and betting industries, and as well as reassuring customers, it has the dual goal of further underpinning the importance of having a governing body such as the EGBA working in tandem with national authorities.




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