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Commission proposes to extend energy emergency measures by one year




The Commission has proposed to the Council to extend several of the EU emergency measures that were introduced last year to tackle the energy crisis. While the EU is in a much better position this year, and crisis management tools have proved effective to calm the markets and ensure stable supplies, the extension by another 12 months will provide an additional safeguard as global energy markets remain tight.

The measures include the so-called Solidarity Regulation, which contains provisions on LNG market transparency and default rules for solidarity in case of shortages, the Market Correction Mechanism, and the emergency rules related to the acceleration of permitting for renewable energy projects.

Enhancing market resilience while fast-forwarding the clean energy transition and ensuring secure energy supplies remains a top priority of the Commission as the heating season has now started in most parts of Europe. The proposed prolongation now requires the approval of the Council by qualified majority, in line with Article 122 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. You can find more information and the legislative proposals here.

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