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Green Deal implementation key to achieving EU 2030 climate and environment objectives, first progress report on 8th Environment Action Programme shows




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The first progress report on the climate and environmental objectives of the 8th Environment Action Programme (8EAP) published by the European Environment Agency today highlights what needs to be done to achieve the EU's 2030 climate and environmental targets. The report underlines the need to conclude negotiations on the Green Deal proposals the Commission put forward and are still under negotiation, and to deliver systemic changes in key industrial sectors, in particular agriculture and mobility. This will be greatly helped by the effective implementation of Green Deal legislation on the ground.

The assessment shows progress in areas including greenhouse gas emissions reductions, air quality, greening finances and the overall economy. However, more effort is needed to achieve systemic change across systems (food, energy, mobility, trade, buildings etc.) and ensure wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries.

Some recommendations include shifting the taxation burden to those using more resources and causing more pollution and accelerating the phasing out of environmentally harmful subsidies, which can help increase public and private financing dedicated to the green transition. More progress is also needed on more sustainable production and consumption patterns, while boosting competitiveness, resilience and strategic autonomy. The EU economy is still using too many raw materials and energy sources associated with high levels of air, water and soil pollution, and thus putting significant pressures on ecosystems, biodiversity, land and water.

The progress report is based on the 8th EAP monitoring framework, presented by the Commission in 2022. It monitors and assesses progress in achieving climate and environmental objectives in the EU and its 27 member states. Building on data evidence and expertise, the report assesses EU progress towards climate neutrality, resilience and global sustainability.

More information is in the news item.

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