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Renew Europe demands ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure the swift application of the Rule of Law regulation




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In the face of intensifying Rule of Law backsliding and corruption linked to EU funding in some member states, Renew Europe led a determined and successful campaign for an effective and comprehensive Rule of Law conditionality mechanism, now a ground-breaking and indispensable part of the EU budget 2021-2027, and the Next Generation EU Recovery instrument.

This mechanism must be fully applied since the 1st January 2021 by the European Commission. Renew Europe is committed to using all legal and political levers to ensure its swift application and therefore requests a debate with resolution on this issue during the March 1 plenary session of the Parliament, with the participation of the Commission. In response to reports of imminent legal challenges to this regulation by some EU member states, we are committed to do all the necessary steps in order to guarantee that the European Parliament defend the regulation. And we expect the Commission to do the same.

Dacian Cioloş, president of Renew Europe, said: "Renew Europe is and will continue to be at the forefront of defending the Rule of Law mechanism against any attempts to frustrate it by the opponents of liberal democracy. The application of the Rule of Law Regulation must be guaranteed from the date agreed by the co-legislators; we are determined that all necessary political and legal measures are taken by the Parliament to ensure this."

"We will request a debate with resolution of the European Parliament. The European Commission must come to explain its actions. As the guardian of the Treaties, we expect the Commission to take all steps to ensure that the Regulation is fully applicable."

Commenting on reports that the Regulation may be challenged in the CJEU, President Cioloş said:"If, as reported, the regulation is challenged in the next few days, Renew Europe will call for an accelerated procedure and will make sure the Parliament uses all the tools available and does whatever it takes to defend the Rule of Law in Europe and we expect the European Commission to do the same."

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