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NextGenerationEU: Commission receives Slovenia's second payment request under the Recovery and Resilience Facility




The second and the third grant instalments and the first loan instalment, which have been combined into one payment request, relate to 41 milestones and 3 targets. They cover important investments in the digital transformation of businesses and their innovative ecosystems, but also in railways, sustainable buildings, electricity networks, drinking and wastewater infrastructure, energy efficiency in the tourism and culture sectors, and investments in new IT infrastructure for public authorities.

The payment request also includes a set of transformative reforms, covering e-government, higher education, water management and the promotion of renewable energy and of alternative fuels in the transport sector. These will complement the already achieved milestones and contribute to make Slovenia greener and a more efficient place for doing business.

The Commission will now assess Slovenia's payment request and will then send its preliminary assessment to the Council's Economic and Financial Committee. Payments under the RRF are performance-based and contingent on Slovenia implementing the investments and reforms outlined in its recovery and resilience plan.

More information on the process of the payment requests under the RRF and the Slovenian recovery and resilience plan is available online.

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