European elections: Results show MEPs must reconnect with their citizens says Oxfam

Oxfam-LogoOn 25 May the shape of the new European Parliament was revealed, with the results marred by weak turnout and a rise of Eurosceptic votes, according to Oxfam.

Natalia Alonso, head of Oxfam’s EU Office, said: “The results raise the question of whether the Europe we have is the Europe we want. As weak turnout and protest votes dominate the headlines, the new Parliamentarians must reconnect with their people. MEPs must speak for their citizens by tackling global challenges, like poverty and climate change, that are affecting Europe too.

“With nearly one in three Europeans at risk of poverty in the EU by 2025, addressing injustice and inequality should be top priority. With €9.5 trillion hidden in European tax havens, the EU must ensure the super-rich and multinationals also pay their fair share of taxes, so public services, like health and education, stop being squeezed.

“With one in eight people around the world still going to bed hungry every night, Oxfam calls on progressive MEPs to come together and reconnect policies with people.”

The Europe We Want is a politically independent campaign that encourages a debate on achieving a fairer Europe at home and abroad. The campaign was set up ahead of the European elections by a broad alliance of leading European civil society organizations.

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