#GMB slams Commission over dumping of steel from China

| January 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

china-steel9GMB, the union for steel workers, commented on the discussions in the EU College of the Commission yesterday (13 January) on anti-dumping and the pushing of any decision back to at least summer 2016.

GMB National Officer Dave Hulse said: “The Commission ducking the decision on Market Economy Status for China shows that deep down it knows its legal advice and policy leaning towards granting status for China is on very shaky ground.  The future of our steel, ceramics and many other industries and vital jobs in these sectors need the EU Commission to come out now with a firm ‘No’ to China on Market Economy Status, and to start putting concrete measures behind preventing further dumping on EU markets as well as support for energy intensive industries that was promised at the EU Council meeting on November 9th 2015.

“Trade unions across Europe are telling them that, the Industries are telling them that, when are they going to listen? It is time for the EU Commission to take some advice from those on the ground dealing with the chaos being caused by unfettered markets rather than those in their ivory towers who need to get out more. Save our steel and ceramics and save our jobs before it is too late.”


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