#S&D: ‘EU countries must do more to protect #refugees during current cold snap’

| January 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

20141210PHT00101_width_600Following a request from the S&D Group in the European Parliament, the Conference of Presidents decided to introduce a debate in the upcoming plenary on the situation of refugees in Europe affected by the cold wave, notably in the Balkans and Greece.

S&D MEP and Vice President Elena Valenciano (pictured) said: “The S&D Group has managed to have a debate in the plenary next week with the European Commission and the Council on the dramatic situation of thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants suffering extremely hard conditions due to the cold spell.

“These freezing conditions are adding to an already unbearable situation.  The snow and the lack of proper facilities, even basic heating systems, are making the lives of those recently arrived in Europe even more insecure. It is vital that national authorities act immediately to address the situation.”

S&D MEP and Vice President Tanja Fajon added: “The situation facing thousands of migrants and refugees is grave. We knew that this cold snap was coming and action should have been taken already to help those most in need. All member states must show much greater solidarity to ensure that no more lives are lost. Relocation of refugees is still taking far too long, as is the sending of much-needed experts to the countries that need the most support. This is just another example that shows we need a fully functioning common European asylum system, including an overhaul of the Dublin agreement and real sharing of responsibility between all member states.

“This plenary session cannot only focus on internal questions of the parliament – we need to show our citizens that we are not turning our back on this dramatic situation.”


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