#Macedonia: Democratic rules must be respected and the country’s European future guaranteed

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The Liberal and Democrat Group in the European Parliament is concerned about the political situation in Macedonia and urges those responsible for it to respect democratic rules and allow a new government to be formed.

verhofstadt left side 90.jpgALDE Group leader Guy Verhofstadt said Macedonia’s European future is at stake:
“Stirring up nationalism is the most effective means of destroying the European future of any country. Instead of clinging to power and igniting inter-ethnic confrontation, the political leadership of Macedonia should respect the result of the parliamentary elections, take their political responsibility seriously and form a government. Macedonia has no time to lose. Its future is at stake today.”

VAJGL_90.jpgALDE MEP Ivo Vajgl (DeSUS, Slovenia), European Parliament’s rapporteur on Macedonia, who just visited Skopje with a delegation of high EU officials, stated that the situation is getting worse as the political crisis continues:

“The early parliamentary elections, which were agreed upon by all political parties as part of the comprehensive “Przino agreement”, have not put an end to the protracted political stalemate. The country has now been pushed into inter-ethnic confrontation due to the obstruction by the biggest political party VMRO-DPMNE to the formation of a new government by the SDSM party and its partners representing the electorate of Albanian ethnic background. This is the most dangerous scenario for a multi-ethnic state and for the Western Balkans as a whole, where similar hostilities have arisen in the past and still exist today.”

“The EU needs to insist that the democratic rules are respected in Macedonia, that a new government based on a solid majority should be formed and all obstacles towards stability removed. It is clear that Macedonia can otherwise face serious consequences concerning its European and Euro-Atlantic future and some leading Macedonian politicians will be held responsible for the negative developments in the country.”

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