#InnovationRadarPrize2018 – Vote to elect Europe’s world-class innovators is open

| October 31, 2018

As of Wednesday (31 October), EU citizens are invited to vote for their favourite scientific and technological breakthroughs funded by the European Union. The European Commission has launched a competition to identify Europe’s top future innovators. Citizens can now vote for the 20 innovators they think most deserve the Innovation Radar Prize 2018, which is open until 12 November 2018.  50 different innovations can be selected using the European Commission’s Innovation Radar, a data driven search engine which helps to identify high potential innovations and key innovators. Finalists include SMEs, universities and start-ups located across Europe. The winning 20 finalists will get to pitch their plans taking their innovation to market to a jury of experts at the ICT 2018 event in Vienna on 5 December 2018.

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