#DDay75 – Axis of Evil

| June 6, 2019
Seventy-five years ago, America was getting its first news reports as America’s fighting men were landing on Omaha and Utah beaches. They weren’t in America. They were storming the beaches of Normandy, writes Christopher Suprun, TX Elector in 2016 Presidential Election.

They fought a war on other continents across the world from Omaha, Nebraska and Utah. They fought against an Axis of Evil whose long shadow had imbrued a continent for four years.

The men who fought seventy-five years ago left that place better than they found it. A ground revered now for the honor of their courage and the strength of their valor. Whether it was the Americans, British, Canadians, Poles or Scots they fought side by side. They fought against the narcissism of small men infected with the small ideas of racial purity and personal domination.

America fought to remove the boot of fascism from Hitler’s Europe and to release prisoners shackled and murdered for their religious beliefs.

That fight was fought not only in Normandy, but in hearts and minds. Then American hearts were filled with courage by faith that they made a moral fight. They took no land in conquest, but were in Normandy to return France to its citizens – those victimized by evil.

Today though America is not standing with the allies of yesteryear, but works against them. Today, instead of working cooperatively with our allies, “President*” Trump threatens them with tariffs and questions the judgment of our national security partners. He questions their judgment when his nickname is “Individual One” – a reference to his long time lawyer stating he directed the commission of federal crimes.

Two-and-a-half-years ago I warned about the dangers of electing a racist con man who was ill prepared to carry on the foreign policy of the United States in good faith.

More than fifty foreign policy and national security experts said Trump was unable to lead America in this respect. He bears this out daily attacking our immediate neighbors to the north and south over trade and our partners in Europe over our mutual defense treaties.

No longer can Great Britain, France, or other allies count on America. Individual One, carries out foreign policy by tweet. His foriegn policy by whim has no northern star or underpinnings.

In December 2016, I chose not to vote for Trump in our Electoral College. At the time he was attacking Gold Star families and Latino judges who didn’t bend to his tantrums. Today, Trump calls overt racists and anti-Semites “good people”. It is unsurprising that hate crimes against Jews and minorities are increasing in America.

In 1930s Germany, the Nazi regime separated familes from their children, not unlike America today pulling children from their parents’ arms at the border.

Donald Trump says he is protecting America, but what danger is there from grammar-school aged children? Many walked thousands of miles for peace and opportunity – the same peace and opportunity we all want. The same peace and opportunity that we sent young men to die for at Pointe du Hoc all those years ago.

Donald Trump said he would “drain the swamp”, but it seems more likely he is feeding the special interest crocodiles and rats that inhabit Washington, DC. He himself earns millions of dollars from federal taxpayers housing government entities at his buildings.

I’m in France for the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy because my grandfather was a gunner on B-17 bombers over the European theatre. He was helping fight the same mindset in Europe then that infects America today. He taught me America would confront tyrannies and dictatorships that threaten our world. I can’t imagine he would ever know that the spectre of tyranny would raise its head in America.

Who does Donald Trump stand with? In recent months, he has spoken glowingly about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. His administration sells nuclear technology to Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salam (MBS). The crown prince is said to have ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Donald Trump finds no fault in Vladimir Putin despite all 17 of his intelligence services saying he was responsible for the attack on America’s elections. Trump stands with – not against – tyrants and dictators. This should make Americans pause.

As President, Ulysses S. Grant noted in a letter to his father, there are only two parties. He wasn’t speaking about Democrats and Republicans, but patriots and traitors. The same exists today. If World War II happened now, America would be lined up with the dictators and tyrants and against freedom loving people across the world. It is a shocking development for many of us, but one that calls us to action.

The American President may prefer the company of the Axis of Evil, but I do not. I will honor the contributions of the men who scaled cliff walls and stormed across Sword Beach to return freedom to Europe. I will remember their strength and persistence to stay strong in my fight to return American leadership to the world. America is more than a country. It is a great idea – a lighthouse of liberty for the world to see. The light burns by the courage its people own in their hearts.

Donald Trump can cover that light temporarily, but he cannot extinguish the flame that burns there. It is the same flame that burns in the hearts of our young men who secured Normandy and caused the Nazis to surrender.

Hitler was assigned to the ash heap of history. He and his band of small men with small minds commited to enslaving a people were dismissed. America made a mistake in 2016, but again we will assign another group of small men with small ideas to the ash heap of history. Seventy-five years later freedom will still ring across America and Europe.


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