Report appeals to EU to take urgent measures to protect #HumanRights defenders in #LatinAmerica

| October 8, 2019

In light of the serious situation that Human Rights Defenders are facing in Latin America, the EU-LAT Network is launching today (8 October) a report in which, through different recommendations, encourages the European Union to act proactively to stop this problem.

Latin America is one of the regions with the highest number of attacks and murders committed against defenders. According to EU Protect defenders, in 2018, at least 256 defenders were killed in the region. The report, sent today to the European Parliament and the European External Action Service, highlights the current trends and common patterns of violence that are present throughout the continent.

The lack of recognition and legitimization of their work are the main factors that raise the risk of suffering attacks such as physical aggressions, including homicides or attempted homicides, threats, intimidation, harassment, criminalization and other forms of violence. Moreover, there is an increasing number of restrictive laws in the region which are contributing to the shrinking of civil society space.

Critical situation for women and environmental defenders

According to the report, Women Human Rights Defenders and people defending women and gender equality are at risk of multiple and exacerbated forms of discrimination. Women are exposed to gender-specific risks. Also they are subject to violence because they challenge the norms and stereotypes existing in their communities and in their social contexts.

The EU-LAT Network also emphasizes the difficult situation of people who defend land, territory and the environment, as Latin America remains the region with the highest number of environmental defenders killed in the world. In that sense, the report recalls that protecting the indigenous communities and peasant people, who defend the planet’s natural resources, contributes to change the political agenda for climate.

Full report

The EU-LAT Network is a recognized actor before the European Union made up of about 40 organizations and movements from 12 European countries influencing the transformation of European policies regarding Latin America in the fields of political dialogue, co-operation and trade.


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