#Coronavirus – €117 million granted for treatments and diagnostics through the #InnovativeMedicinesInitiative

| May 13, 2020

The Commission announced today that 8 large-scale research projects, aimed at developing treatments and diagnostics for the coronavirus, were selected in a fast-track call for proposals, launched in March by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a public-private partnership. In order to fund a larger number of high-quality proposals, the Commission increased its commitment to €72 million (up from the originally planned €45m) from Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme.

€45m will be provided by the pharmaceutical industry, IMI associated partners and other organisations involved with the projects, bringing the total investment to €117m.

Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Commissioner Mariya Gabrie said: “We need to bring together the expertise and resources of the public and the private sector in order to defeat this pandemic and prepare for any future outbreaks. With this funding from Horizon 2020 and our industry and other partners, we are speeding up the development of coronavirus diagnostics and treatments, essential tools that we need to tackle the global emergency.”

The projects selected today are part of the common European response  to the coronavirus outbreak that the Commission is coordinating since the beginning of the crisis. On 4 May, the Commission pledged €1.4bn in total during the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event, of which €1bn comes through Horizon 2020 and is aimed at developing vaccines, new treatments and diagnostic tools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. More information is available in this press release.


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