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#AirPollution – most member states not on track to reduce air pollution and its related health impacts by 2030




The assessment of member states’ first programmes of measures to control air emissions finds that the implementation of the new European clean air rules needs improvement. Member states need to step up efforts across all sectors to make sure their citizens can breathe clean air, preventing respiratory diseases and premature death caused by polluted air.

Environment, Fisheries and Oceans Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius said: “This report sends a clear message. All across Europe, too many citizens are still at risk from the air they breathe. We need more effective measures to cut pollution in numerous member states and to tackle air emissions across sectors, including agriculture, transport and energy. There has never been a better time to make these changes: investing in cleaner air means investing in citizens’ health, in our climate, and it’s the kick-start our economy needs. That’s the thinking behind the European Green Deal, and it’s the logic the environment needs.”

According to the first Commission report assessing the implementation of the National Emission reduction Commitments Directive published today, most member states are at risk of not complying with their 2020 or 2030 emission reduction commitments. While some member states show good practices, which should inspire others, the Report shows the need for additional measures in order to reduce air pollution.

Synergies with climate and energy policies need to be enhanced and further assessed, in line with the European Green Deal approach. More information is available in the press release. 

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