#CoronavirusGlobalResponse – Saturday’s summit raised €6.15 billion for universal access to coronavirus vaccines

| June 30, 2020

Saturday (27 June) was an important day for global solidarity against coronavirus. World leaders came together to raise funding to develop coronavirus vaccines, tests and treatments, and make them accessible and affordable everywhere in the world, for everyone who needs them. The ‘Global Goal: Unite for our Future’ Summit, co-hosted by President von der Leyen, raised €6.15 billion in financing from 40 countries, including a new pledge of €4.9bn by the European Investment Bank and the European Commission.

The money raised will also support economic recovery in the world’s most fragile regions and communities. As a landmark of global solidarity, the summit resulted in commitments for the production capacity of over 250 million vaccine doses for middle and lower income countries. These new pledges bring the total funding raised under the Coronavirus Global Response, the worldwide pledging marathon launched by President von der Leyen, to almost €16bn. A concert followed the summit, where artists such as Coldplay, Usher, Miley Cyrus and Chris Rock expressed their commitment to a coronavirus-free future for all.

A press release,the breakdown of pledges per country and the transcript of President von der Leyen’s interventions during the summit are available online.


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