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Scottish government statement on 7th round of #Brexit negotiations




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“It defies belief that in the middle of this crisis, the UK Government is determined to force Scotland and the UK out of the Brexit transition period at the worst possible time.

“The only possible options now - with little more than four months to go before the end of the transition - are a low deal or no deal, both of which will cause further substantial, needless damage to the economy.

“I agree with Michel Barnier, who has said this morning that after two days of talks with the UK government he thinks these negotiations are going backwards more than forwards. I also concur when he says he does not understand why we are wasting valuable time.

“There is still no clarity on tariffs, on customs, on cross border flows of data and people, on regulations, and a whole raft of other issues. The UK government must start to put jobs before its hard Brexit ideology."

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