#EAPM – More questions than answers? Let’s change that in the Personalised Medicine Era

| May 8, 2019

The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, or EAPM, has decided that the time is now ripe to broaden even further its interaction with members and the wider stakeholder base, writes EAPM Executive Director Denis Horgan.

2019 is the year of European Parliamentary elections, a new Commission on the way, HTA and real world evidence discussions still up in the air, and the as yet-unquantified potential perils of Brexit (medicine shortages, research barriers and more).

Against that backdrop, and with seven annual Presidency conferences and two Congresses behind us, EAPM wants to reach out and see how well Europe is doing in the process of embedding personalised medicine into health-care systems.

(Incidentally, 3-5 December will see EAPM’s 3rd annual Congress, to be held in Brussels. More information on this event will be available in due course.)

The consultations/surveys prepared by the Alliance are multidisciplinary ones, with questionnaires geared in part towards individual sectors.

As you can imagine, we are trying to cast the net as widely as possible to get an overview of the impact of the exciting new possibilities emerging from giant leaps in genetics and Big Data, for example, have offered up in recent times.

Some questions will be the same for each discipline/stakeholder area, of course, but many will be different and more specialised.

As such, we will be following up with our various members to disseminate these surveys.

Whatever your area or discipline, we would ask you please to take a look at the consultation document once circulated, specifically for your area of expertise, with a view to completing it in as much detail as possible by 7 JuneAfter this, the results will be analyzed and presented to the newly elected MEPs during a round table in the European Parliament in September, 2019.

We are aware that your time is a valuable commodity and greatly appreciate any of it that you can spare for the purposes of this consultation.

Any answers will be kept under the protection of anonymity, although general responses, percentage ‘Yes’ or No’ evaluations etc, will be gathered in a later summary, alongside the best – personally unattributable (unless you tell us otherwise) – quotes.

Our goal is to form and later present an overview of this fast-moving field, take into account recent developments, and look at any barriers that remain plus potential enablers right across the personalised medicine spectrum.

Therefore, the consultation is going out to patient groups and forums, industry in the form of, for example, diagnostics manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies etc, researchers and academia, doctors’ associations, medical societies, payers, and other stakeholders.

Meanwhile, we are also targeting and focusing, for example, on various disease areas and disciplines, such as haematology, oncology, urology, neurology, plus rare diseases.

Please click on this link to see an example of  a survey which is the payer survey.

As many of you will know, although some may not, EAPM was launched in March 2012, with the aim of improving patient care by accelerating the development, delivery and uptake of personalised medicine and earlier diagnostics, through consensus.

EAPM is was set up as a response to the need for a wider understanding of priorities in personalised medicine and a more integrated approach among distinct lay and professional stakeholders. It continues to fulfil that role, not least through regular major events and non-stop interaction via the media.  

Many thanks in advance for your support. Your contribution will be highly valued.


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