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Kazakhstan and Japan Discuss Resumption of Air Travel 




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Chair of the Civil Aviation Committee Saltanat Tompiyeva, and Ambassador of Japan to Kazakhstan Yamada Jun held a meeting on Feb. 29 to discuss the prospect of resuming air travel between the two nations to enhance economic, business, and cultural exchanges.

Saltanat Tompieva conveyed that Kazakh airlines are exploring the feasibility of initiating direct flight routes between the two countries by the first half of 2025. This initiative reflects Kazakhstan’s commitment to fostering closer ties with Japan and facilitating smoother travel experiences for citizens and visitors alike.

Yamada Jun assured his full support for the endeavor, emphasizing Japan’s readiness to collaborate closely with Kazakhstan to expedite the resumption of air traffic. 

The outcome of the meeting culminated in a consensus to further engage in constructive dialogue and collaborative endeavors to pave the way for the reinstatement of air travel between Kazakhstan and Japan.

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