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Starlink Initiative: 2,000 More Schools in Kazakhstan to Receive High-Speed Internet  




Nearly 2,000 schools in Kazakhstan will be connected to Starlink, high-speed satellite internet, by the end of the year, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Zhaslan Madiyev said at a June 19 government briefing.

Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation, utilizing low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet.

According to Madiyev, in addition to Starlink, there are other solutions in Kazakhstan, including OneWeb, a London-based global communications company that provides high-speed internet access worldwide through a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites.

“OneWeb is working on establishing a pairing station today. I think that at the beginning of 2025, they will already be able to provide these services on a commercial basis. Therefore, I believe that this market should be competitive. We should invite such technologies more, but there must be a balance between the desire to implement these technological solutions and national security,” said Madiyev, as quoted by Kazinform news agency.

Yerzhan Meiramov, chairman of the ministry’s telecommunications committee, said that equipment and subscriber devices cost $2,500 for each school. The tariff is 145,000 tenge (US$316) per month.


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