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#Brexit: German MEP accuses Theresa May of pursuing a de facto coup

| March 20, 2017 | 11 Comments
uk germanyCommenting on the decision by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on March 29 , European Green Party Co-Chairs Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni said: “It was a politically toxic mix of resentment, nostalgia, and open lies that produced a leave majority in the Brexit referendum. But in stitching together its strategy for leaving the EU, the British government has not only ignored the 48% who wanted to stay and the overwhelming majorities against Brexit in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.
“It has also made fools of many Brexit supporters who would never have voted for the radical break with the EU that Mrs May is now advocating.
“Mrs May is pursuing a de facto coup against the majority of British citizens. Unfortunately, outside of Scotland there is no real opposition against the farce she is making of democracy, because Labour is happy not to play a role in this historic hour.
“Greens would prefer if the United Kingdom stayed in the EU. In case of Brexit, Greens would hope that the United Kingdom could stay united by allowing Scotland in particular to remain a fully integrated member of the European family of nations while England leaves the EU.
“It is in the hands of Mrs May and to a lesser degree of Mr Corbyn to foil both these hopes. It is in our hands as citizens of the EU27 to see to it that our European Union will not also fall victim to the gigantic folly of Brexit.”


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Comments (11)

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  1. YellowSubmarine says:

    The Green party is just another good reason for the UK to drop the EU. They think that enacting the result of a democratic referendum is a coup ! I guess they are worried about their forthcoming 50% pay cut.

    • pat anderson says:

      Nobody got asked about leaving the single market in the advisory referendum. It wasn’t so democratic when it allowed commonwealth citizens, who had been promised visa free travel, to vote, yet didn’t allow EU Citizens living legally and paying taxes in the UK to vote. It was a Tory coup. It all stinks, and the only people to gain are the multi-millionaires that are now running the country along with the billionaire media moguls that put them there.

  2. Paul McKeown says:

    I love the comments from the Brexshit braindead zombies. Anger, rage, foam at the mouth. Shame these amoeban intellects are going to drag the country with them when they hurl themselves off the cliff.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Well said, and what a tragedy. The Leavers deriding the article – why are you so angry? You won didn’t you? Are you so insecure in your position that you have to shout down anyone who disagrees with you? Or could it be you know you are in the wrong but don’t want to face facts? Not very keen on facts though, are you? Don’t tell me this is democracy, or you will appear more ridiculous than you do now.

  4. Paul Walker says:

    This article nails it. This is nothing but a right-wing coup. The whole world can see it, except for the British Leave voters.

  5. Geoff Walker says:

    So. You get a very narrow victory. According to the Brexiteers’ definition of democracy, you totally ignore 48% who voted Remain and even more so the 63% who did not Vote Leave. You totally ignore that Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibaltar all voted Remain by substantial margins – much greater margins than the overall margin for Leave, I might add. You ride roughshod over all these, totally ignoring the constitutional implications both for the integrity of the United Kingdom and for the Northern Ireland peace agreement. That’s not democracy, it’s totalitarianism. Yes, the article is right, it’s a coup by the Tory right, aided and abetted by the Labour Left. We are heading in the direction of becoming a fascist state egged on by the rabid hatred of the right-wing press – Mail, Express, Sun and Telegraph. Very worrying indeed. I hope all you who keep on with the mantra “We won, we’re leaving” are happy, because you people are destroying the future for my children and grandchildren.

    • Jason says:

      I hate Brexit. I wanted and voted to remain. However, unfortunately that is democracy. We did not vote as individual regions but UK-wide. It would be fair to argue that a large proportion of those asked to vote in the referendum do not have the mental intelligence to understand the issues involved. Maybe in future we have to restrict democracy to those with the intelligence to understand it.

  6. Thelma Jones says:

    The government is taking away our human rights to be a citizen of the EU. This surely is against the law. We lose so much from the way the withdrawal is happening, and divisions across the country are getting worse. We are not a UNITED Kingdom.

    • Jason says:

      Unfortunately, it’s not against the law. The people of the UK voted for it. Now we have to live with it. Sad times.

  7. Jason says:

    Now that the UK will be free of the European Convention of Human Rights, is it time for the UK government to change the law and restrict the right to vote in referendums and elections from the Jeremy Kyle generation only to people who can demonstrate the mental intelligence to understand the issues involved?

  8. Andy Collins says:

    Scotland is not a region. It is a country 100 years older than England. The right to self-determination is enshrined in adopted UN resolutions like 1514 and 1541. They state the ‘primacy’ of our right to decide how we are governed, of our right to do so without external pressure (England’s involvement) and affirm that our right to independence cannot be delayed because others claim we are not able, ready or viable. Let Scotland go.

    Vive L’Ecosse Libre
    Lasciate Andare La Scozia

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