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Digital Services Act: Commission launches Transparency Database




The Commission has launched the DSA Transparency Database, putting in action one of the many ground-breaking transparency features mandated by the DSA.

Under the DSA, all providers of hosting services are required to provide users with clear and specific information, so-called statements of reasons, whenever they remove or restrict access to certain content. The new database will collect these statements of reasons in accordance with Article 24(5) of the DSA. This makes  this database a first-of-its-kind regulatory repository, where data on content moderation decisions taken by providers of online platforms active in the EU are accessible to the general public at an unprecedented scale and granularity, enabling more online accountability.

Only Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) need to submit data to the database as part of their compliance with DSA already now. From 17 February 2024, all providers of online platforms, with the exception of micro and small enterprises, will have to submit data on their content moderation decisions.

Thanks to the Transparency Database users can view summary statistics (currently in beta version), search for specific statements of reasons, and download data. The Commission will add new analytics and visualisation features in the coming months and in the meantime welcomes any feedback on its current configuration. The source code of the database is publicly available on GitHub. Together with the Code of Practice on Disinformation, as well as further transparency enhancing measures under the DSA, the new database allows all users to act in a more informed manner on the spread of illegal and harmful content online.

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