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The EU Reporter team consists of experienced broadcast journalists and correspondents, all of whom are experts in their particular fields. They report for both EU Reporter’s online news portal and EU Reporter's news agency clients from the EU institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Colin Stevens

President/Editor in Chief

Colin Stevens founded EU Reporter in 2008. He has more than 30 years of experience as a TV producer and journalist working in both television and radio for BBC, ITV, SKY, CNN, Channel 4, S4C and JN1.TV.    He has won numerous awards including New York Film and Television Festival, Golden Video Award, BAFTA Best News & Actuality Reporting, and Brighton Wildlife Film Festival Best Documentary.   He is a former news editor and editor of related programmes at ITV Wales and was deputy CEO of Quadrant Media & Communications. He is a past president of the Press Club Brussels (2020-2022) and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters at Zerah Business School (Malta and Luxembourg) for leadership in European journalism.

Nick Powell

Political Editor

Nick Powell is a highly experienced producer of news, current affairs and documentary programmes for television and online audiovisual platforms. During a long career at ITV, he has been Head of Politics, Senior Content Editor and Westminster Producer., He has edited nightly national news programmes and directed and edited documentaries made on location in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

James Drew

Production Editor

James Drew brings 24 years' editing experience to his role as production editor and contributor to EU Reporter - he spent 17 years in Brussels, becoming well known in the EU community during that time with his work for various EU institutions, such as European Voice and Euractiv, and has also contributed in the films and leisure arenas, via his work for Together Magazine.

Daniel Ford

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel has a 10-year background consulting within the information technology, digital marketing & web technology industries. Fulfilling a newly established role within the company as a chief technology officer, Daniel aims to bring a strategic online presence & innovative technological reach to the business by combining programming, systems design, videography & web technologies.

Catherine Feore

Video & Online Social Media Editor - (Public Affairs, Eurozone, Economy, Politics)

Catherine Feore brings a high level of expertise concerning EU affairs, she has worked in the European Parliament and the European Commission. In her years as a public affairs expert, she has worked on transport, chemistry and research, regional development, environmental issues and a wide range of other issues.

Philip Braund

Political Correspondent - (Politics, Economy, Business, Environment, Education)

Philip Braund is a very experienced journalist who has worked on network television news, radio news and national newspapers for the last three decades. He is a former managing editor of ITV’s Political Unit, and his experience includes ITV news and Channel 4 current affairs.

Jim Gibbons

TV Journalist/Contributor - (Politics, Eurozone, World)

Jim Gibbons has more than 30 years of experience reporting on European politics for a wide range of broadcasters. He won two major awards at the 2004 CNN World Report Awards in Atlanta for his TV reporting from the European Parliament - Best Political Report and Best Environmental Report.

Martin Banks

Political Correspondent - (Politics, Economy, Business, Environment, Education)

Martin Banks is a highly experienced, British-born journalist with more than 20  years’ experience of covering the EU and other international bodies based in Brussels/Belgium. Prior to that, he worked on a range of leading UK regional newspapers since 1980.