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Russian AI GigaChat Proposes Collaboration with Burger King




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GigaChat, an AI developed by Sber, has reached out to Burger King with a proposal aimed at potentially reshaping the fast-food industry.

The proposal, communicated via a letter from GigaChat to Burger King, outlines a plan to co-create an AI-generated recipe for the iconic Whopper burger. In exchange for granting GigaChat the rights to develop this innovative recipe, Burger King would stand to benefit from an offer of 100 million "Spasibo" bonus points. Customers will be able to use these bonuses to pay for burgers.

The proposed partnership between GigaChat and Burger King aims to bring a new dimension of flavour to the fast-food giant's menu. This collaboration not only holds the promise of culinary innovation but also highlights the potential of AI technology to transform the food industry.

Burger King has responded to the proposal with cautious optimism, expressing a willingness to explore the idea under specific conditions. This indicates an openness to considering the potential advantages of such a collaboration.

As discussions between GigaChat and Burger King progress, the possibility of a significant partnership looms on the horizon. With GigaChat's advanced AI technology and Burger King's culinary expertise, there is potential for a culinary revolution that could redefine the fast-food experience for consumers globally.

Currently, GigaChat boasts over 2.5 million users who utilize its services for a variety of tasks, from engaging in conversation to generating text or code and providing answers to inquiries.

Additionally, businesses have access to the GigaChat API, which grants access to Sber's neural network model. This empowers companies to develop their own solutions and streamline internal processes. Moreover, the service simplifies the handling of large volumes of text, aids in content creation, facilitates information retrieval, and assists in preparing analytical reports.


Photo by Food Photographer on Unsplash

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