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Presidential aide Hikmat Hajiyev says Azerbaijan wants peace and normalized relations with Armenia




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Hikmat Hajiyev, assistant to the president of Azerbaijan on Foreign Policy Affairs, met with journalists in Brussels this week to discuss relations with Armenia after Karabakh's freedom. Armenia has occupied the region since 1991, declaring the Nagorno Karabakh Republic a de facto autonomous state.

Hajiyev stated Armenia's unlawful regime is disarmed and out of Azerbaijan.

This eliminates hurdles to an Armenia-Azerbaijan peace deal.

We believe this is a historic opportunity to end antagonism and hostility between two countries and construct durable peace based on Azerbaijan's five principles for Armenia.

“Then I think that Azerbaijan has also established a model of resolution of one of the most prolonged conflicts on the wider map of Eurasia.”

The Karabakh conflict has been one of the OSCE's issues since its founding, although it has not been resolved.

Because its aim was to maintain Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijan, the Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship Institute failed.


We've ended the military occupation and oppression. Thus, Azerbaijan now prioritizes peace and normalizing relations with Armenia.

“But any peace engagement requires two sides, and Armenia should show positivity and goodwill. We submitted the fifth updated peace treaty to Armenia, but they have not reacted in almost two months.

New realities have evolved in our region. Legality and legitimacy underpin these new realities.”

He then discussed Azerbaijan's future relations with Armenia. “We want to build a new regional security architecture based on justice, recognising each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty, and ending all territorial claims.

We also encourage Armenia-Azerbaijan relations. I think we should reach peace. I think additional partners can support that agreement.”

He said, "First, peace and regional security are not in Brussels, Paris, Washington, Moscow, or anywhere. Peace is regional.”

During the so-called frozen dispute, some in the European Parliament felt Azerbaijanophobia or Islamophobia toward Azerbaijan.

“That’s also not that helpful for the EU’s ambitions or interests in regional resources,” Hajiyev said. The European Council recently made a statement criticizing Azerbaijan, which we find unnecessary. European institutions never treated Azerbaijan fairly while its territory was occupied.

"My question: why? For years, there was one approach toward separatist entities in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, but another against Azerbaijan.”

He added: "Some EU member countries, like France, have started a militarisation program in Armenia."

"We don't support militarization.

"A militarization program is unnecessary for Armenia. Armenian peace for its neighbours requires a peaceful program. I think militarization programs are bad.”"A militarisation program is unnecessary for Armenia. Armenian peace for its neighbours requires a peaceful program. I think militarization programs are bad.”

He noted that France is sending Armenia missile-capable military armed personnel carriers.

Armenia is also buying three French radar systems and “Mistral” short-range surface-to-air missiles.

"We consistently warned member states like France not to support separatism in Azerbaijan's territory. Second, don't promote Armenian revanchism or geopolitical games in our region. Unfortunately, this is true.”

He added: “We think that this is a historical opportunity and a historical momentum and that appropriate European institutions should also be part of the solution, not the problem, to advance a peaceful agenda in the region of the social crisis.”

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