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Deepening Energy Cooperation with Azerbaijan - Europe’s Reliable Partner for Energy Security.




In the past 12 months, the EU’s energy partnership with Azerbaijan has become one of Europe’s topmost essential strategic relationships. An agreement reached last year recognised Azerbaijan’s crucial role as a reliable energy partner.

Its gas exports to the EU will double and it has long been a major supplier of oil. In the future, clean electricity from Azerbaijan, produced using solar and wind generation will also become an important part of Europe’s energy mix. Essential to this is the Southern Gas Corridor supply line from Azerbaijan to Europe.

Elnur Soltanov, Deputy Energy Minister of Azerbaijan and other guests discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Other guests were:

Stoyan Novokov is an EU transport and logistics expert. He served as Deputy Minister for Transport and Communication in the Bulgarian Government and who knows, he may yet return to high office in Sofia.

Doctor Maurizio Geri is an EU Marie Curie fellow and a former NATO analyst, with a special interest in energy security and Green transition issues.

Andrew Folkmanis is now with the climate technology investment firm Turquoise International.  He has held senior energy policy roles with the European Union and with the Council of Baltic Sea States.


The event was moderated by EU Reporter's political editor Nick Powell

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