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The re-election of pro-Russian General Radev as President of Bulgaria is threatened by professor of Latin studies




The re-election of pro-Russian General Radev as President of Bulgaria turned out to be highly questionable after an initiative committee around the country’s pro-European right-wing forces nominated the Rector of Sofia University Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov.

The presidential elections, that will be held on 14 November, together with the parliamentary elections, were considered until recently by analysts to be foregone conclusion in favor of the current head of state Rumen Radev.

However, the inclusion of Professor Gerdjikov in the campaign returned the intrigue because of the obvious changes that his choice would bring. Gerdjikov graduated Humboldt University in Germany with master’s degree in Classical Philology and delivers lecture courses on the Latin language at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

He is fluent in Latin, French, German, English and Russian. He is Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria. He was manager of the Scientific Research Fund in Bulgaria, as well as the deputy minister of education and science. The biggest difference between him and General Radev, however, is that the professor is esemplastic, dialogic, compromise in his actions and most of all - with clear European orientation.

The appearance of a strong competitor on the political stage apparently irritated the current president and he allowed himself to make clearly sexist comment to the journalists in Sofia. When asked about the inclusion of Prof. Gerdjikov in the elections, President Radev answered with only one sentence, directed against his main political opponent - the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borissov.

“Five years ago, Borissov hid himself behind Tsacheva’s skirt, now he is hiding behind the rector’s toga,” said Radev impatiently , and ran away from the journalists.

According to political analysts in Bulgaria, the head of state has been obviously taken out of his comfort zone and such hysterical comments are a clear sign that he cannot control not only his anger but also his panic.  


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