US dignitaries urge administration to bring #Iran authorities to accountability for killings

| July 13, 2020

Signatories see NCRI as hope for democracy and end to injustice

31 former US officials, from both parties, issued a public statement titled: ‘Time to Prepare for Iranian Regime Accountability, “deploring current situation of human rights in Iran’ The statement was issued in advance of the annual virtual Free Iran Global Summit of the Iranian opposition to be held on 17 July 2020.

Many of the cosigners will address the summit.

“Not just the rights, but the lives of Iran’s citizens are being sacrificed for the empowerment of a dysfunctional and rapacious theocracy,” affirm the cosigners.

During the 17 July Free Iran Global Summit, #FreeIran2020, viewed by many as the largest event of its kind, the signatories will urge Iranian authorities to be brought to justice.

Participants, who will join the virtual global summit from 30,000 locations in 102 countries, will voice support for regime change by the people of Iran and Resistance.

Some 1000 current, former officials, international dignitaries, and bipartisan lawmakers will warn of Iranian Regime’s growing terrorist threat, and urge the world community to adopt a resolute policy.

New York former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, House former speaker Newt Gingrich, Democratic Vic-Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, former FBI director Louis Freeh and 25 other dignitaries underscored that the Iranian regime’s atrocities were not limited to the Iranian citizens.

“Iran has also become a staging area for hostile operations directed against governments throughout the Middle East and beyond,” says the statement. “As we now know, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) attempt to bomb an anti-Iranian government demonstration near Paris in 2018 was prevented by the joint law enforcement efforts of three European nations.  In the space of a few months, MOIS actions were interdicted by authorities in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, and Albania.  In 2019, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the United States Government.”

“Unlike many governments, the leading figures in this evil regime have been in positions of authority for years, decades even,” say the signatories.  “The senior officials at whose direction police murder citizens on the streets and wrongfully arrest innocent people, must now be held accountable.”

“While the US and other governments contemplate policies to deter and contain Iranian threats and aggression, they can and must act to bring accountability to people with the blood of so many Iranians on their hands.”

The signatories noted that that ample precedent exists that leaders cannot claim sovereign immunity for their crimes against humanity.

They recommend that “countries that have been victimized by Iranian-government sponsored terrorism, including the US and its European allies, send teams of experts to study the evidence at Ashraf 3 while organizing their own evidence for eventual use in international tribunal proceedings.”

The dignitaries see a beacon of hope in the dark landscape. They applaud the NCRI as the one organization that has done more than any other entity to free Iranians from tyranny and the world from fundamentalist-inspired terrorism.

“The NCRI strives relentlessly to ensure that hope for democracy and an end to injustice remains alive in Iran.  Additionally, with continual media outreach, publications, and meetings, it sustains international attention on the ongoing assault against humanity,” they add in their statement.


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