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World Medical Association stands firmly for principles of medical neutrality as defined by the Geneva Convention.




The World Medical Association (WMA) mourns over the loss of lives, especially those of healthcare personnel on both sides of the conflict, and stands in solidarity with all the physicians and healthcare personnel who are on the frontline, risking their lives to provide crucial medical care during these challenging times. We remain committed to our mission of advocating for the ethical practice of medicine and promoting peace and respect for humanitarian principles.

The WMA urgently calls upon all parties involved in the conflict to:

Respect established International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and not use health facilities as military quarters or depots, nor to target health personnel facilities and vehicles.

Provide to health personnel the adequate conditions to treat all patients with humanity and in compliance with the ethical values of their professions, including medical neutrality.

Use humanitarian corridors to permit the safe provision of health equipment and humanitarian supplies required in Gaza.

“I urgently call on all parties not to target civilians, healthcare facilities, infrastructure nor personnel. Our primary duty as physicians is to act in the best interests of humanity and to preserve life. It is imperative that medical professionals on all sides of the conflict do not become a target and are allowed to treat the victims,” urged WMA President Dr. Lujain AlQodmani.


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