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Agriculture: Commission approves three new geographical indications from Croatia and Hungary




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The Commission has approved the addition of three geographical indications: 'Zagorski štrukli', or 'Zagorski štruklji' as a protected geographical indication (PGI), as well as 'Zagorski bagremov med' as a designation of origin (PDO), from Croatia, and the "Homokháti őszibarack pálinka" from Hungary as a protected geographical indication (PGI). “Zagorski štrukli/ štruklji” are bakery products, produced in the Zagorje region. The pastry is produced according to an old recipe using a special method with traditional ingredients.

"Zagorski bagremov med" is an acacia honey produced from acacia nectar from the Hrvatsko Zagorje region. The climatic factors, the floral resources and the long beekeeping tradition of the region determine its specificity. "Homokháti őszibarack pálinka" is a brandy produced from peaches grown in the region of Homokhátság, with a delicate and discreet aroma. These new designations will be added to the list of 1,574 agricultural products and 257 spirit drinks already protected.

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