How are the Russian raiders doing this?

| December 3, 2019

One curious case about the real estate in Moscow, London and Dubai and the liquidated trading company

A few weeks ago an article came out in Russia. Its title sounds unclear: ‘The perdimonocle’s effect. The raiders among us’. The ‘perdimonocle’ is a Russian version of the French phrase ‘perdu monocle’ which means ‘to drop a monocle’. Old actors in a theatre used to do it to demonstate amazedness. In Russian ‘perdimonocle’ has almost the same meaning but sounds also very funny for a native speakers.

The article made some noise among the Russian readers. This story is about illegal takeovers – very sensitive subject in the local context. But the trace of heroes goes far beyond Russia: they’re found in London, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates. So we think it could be interesting to our readers too – how are the Russian raiders doing this?

One little question about the legacy

On May 13, 2013, the Russian businessman Dmitry Timinsky accidentally died in Dubai. He had an old mother Galina and a blood brother Sergey. But also it was a wife – Tambov-born Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova. Dmitry didn’t live with his wife for a long time and even communicate with her. Their marriage became a formality in a short time – she just continued to live in Timinsky’s flat in Moscow. But after Dmitry’s death in the prime of life she claimed for his property. And it’s not about the flat in Moscow, where she wasn’t even registered. It’s about a luxury realty in Dubai, England, Moscow and premium autos. Few millions of dollars is at stake.

To win the prize a poor widow should do just one thing – get rid of claims for property from Dmitry’s mother Galina and blood brother Sergey. And Natalya found ‘real pros’ for this case – Alexander Boksha and Alexander Zolochevsky.

Profession: raider

Boksha and Zolochevsky are not Dmitry Timinsky’s relatives. They prefer to introduce themselves as lawyers, but they’re not. We may say they’re professional raiders.

Once it was a group of companies named ‘ROSBUILDING’ in Russia. Few years ago ‘ROSBUILDING’ was involved in dozens of scandals tied to illegal takeovers of property. Boksha and Zolochevsky were its employees.

You can’t find a lot of information about Alexander Boksha in the Internet. He made use of new right to be forgotten. But everything couldn’t be hidden – for example, a takeover of horticultural storehouse ‘Perovskoye’ in 2013. The scandal was juicy. As reported by ‘Noviye Bedomosti’ Boksha controlled this operation in the behood of Azerbaijanian businessman Yakov Yakubov. ‘Scandaly Ru’ also mention Boksha in the drama of ‘Perovskoye’. Zolochevsky also made an appearance in this dirty game. ‘Nasha Versiya’ mentions him just as Boksha. Obviously the union of Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova with Boksha and Zolochevsky isn’t a coincidence.

Search who is to profit by it

What if Natalya and Dmitry’s brother and mother could agree among themselves? Because Galina and Sergey are ready to the compromise solution. After all she they are relatives with Natalya and could possibly find common language. Might find before the violent incident, which made an accommodation totally impossible.

The unknows slaughtered Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova in 2014. The criminal case was open into undentified persons. The unknows urged Natalya to stop fight for property. Just after this Boksha and Zolochevsky took Natalya under their protection and isolated her from relatives and friends of Dmitry Timinsky.

Is fecit cui prodes – said the wise Romans. Search who is to profit by it.

In this case it is obvious that everyone is loosing because of the conflict: both Sergey and Galina Timinsky and Natalya herself. Only Boksha and Zolochevsky don’t lose anything.

Under pressure

In September 2018 Sergey Timinsky was unexpectedly arrested by police in Dubai and passed a few days in a police holding cell without an opportunity to contact to the Consul of the Russian Federation.

It was about the letter. This letter was delivered to poor widow in Dubai by the Syrian Al Ali Mokhavia. As the Syrian said this letter was from one Sergey and carried threats against Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova.

Timinsky told the arabian investigator about the conflict because of his brother’s legacy. Sergey’s words were enough for the investigator to admit that the situation with letter was incited and Sergey has no attention to it. He was set free.

When Sergey came back to Russia he wrote an application to the Russian relevant authorities. He asked them to get tough with Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova, Alexander Boksha and Alexander Zolochevsky. Timinsky is sure that the provocation in Dubai continues the pressure on him and his collegues. He writes: ‘I might add that formerly there were threats from N.A. Timinskaya and A.V. Boksha toward my collegues, for example, E.V. Rukavishnikova’. At the same time Sergey’s lawyers had also taken care that police of Dubai will investigate the incident and punish guilty persons.

What are the raiders up to?

All the realty and cars the deceased Dmitry Timinsky had bought with money received from investors. In his sphere it wasn’t to difficult to find investors – Timinsky was a financial director in the Russian trading company ‘Forteks’.

The thing is that the trading company ‘Forteks’ went into liquidation as bankrupt. There were few other ‘Fortekses’ on the Russian market, but Dmitry Timinsky had totally nothing to do with them. But the widow, Boksha and Zolochevsky are going to take his legacy completely and Timinsky’s depths mean nothing to them! And may be it’s not the end. It seems that they are going to make a prize of one of the eponymous company ‘Forteks’. The title and Dmitry Timinsky’s contacts with its employees may help them in this operation.

Mentioned Elena Rukavishnikova is a financial director at the company ‘Forteks’ and she was a general director at the liquidated trading company ‘Forteks’. Boksha and Zolochevsky had found her in 2016, informed her that they are going after the company ‘Forteks’, where she works now, and demanded from Rukavishnikova documents and private information about the company. She was quite surprised when they insisted that the deceased Timinsky was not a financial director, but an owner of the trading company ‘Forteks’. The raiders don’t care that it isn’t true.

According to Rukavishnikova at their first meeting Boksha declared: ‘We have enough money to war. Y.M. Yakubov — is a rich man and can wain for a long time. We have a very big network at the limbs of the law and criminal circles’.

Elena Rukavishnikova came in for a lot of trouble – there were threats, aggressive signs of chasing, and finally her personal car was burned near her home. In September 2018 a criminal case was brought for the fact of arson. The suspects – an organised group of persons ruled (according to Rukavishnikova) by Alexander Boksha.

In the course of investigative actions photo and video documentation of the covert surveillance of Elena Rukavishnikova and Sergey Timinsky and the information about Elena’s car movements the day before it was burned were found at Boksha and Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova places.

The similar trace we find in Orenburg: to the one A.G. Pasadze came the same Alexander Boksha with friends. Pasadze was a founder of liquidated few years ago limited liability company ‘Nikson’ was co-founder of the trading company ‘Forteks’.

With help from local rogue cops Boksha ‘convienced’ A.G. Pasadze to sell him 100% of the liquidated company. Then he made Pasadze to bring suit before the Arbitral Tribunal to refound ‘Nikson’. She refused signed documents just after Boskha left and asked for protection from the law enforcement officials. We read in her announcement:

‘I am aking to protect myself from these people and stop this police lawlessness. Otherwise I will have to kill myself ’cause it’s the only way out I see from this situation’.

After all Boksha’s plan failed that time.

The way the spider works

The author of the article came into a conclusion: there is something in common in such cases as Natalya Timinskaya-Kolesnikova’s beating or letter that she received in Dubai. It’s someone’s writing here. Both incidents – irrational and violent.

Why possibly Sergey would have a profit by threatening Natalya in Dubai?  It would be easier to give Natalya that letter in the capital of Russia, ’cause they both live in one district. People who prepared it had known how it will work in United Arab Emirates. They knew that the Russian law enforcements won’t take such letter serious. When Rukavishnikova and Pasadze filed a reports against Boksha they had only an answer: ‘No body, no charge’. On the other hand national security environment in OAE is very scrupulous in such questions. It was a reliance on an oppressive feeling that anyone would have while taking under arrest in a foreign country.

And what about various threats to Pasadze and Rukavishnikova? Put yourself on the place of these women. Could you live through such pressing? What did Pasadze feel If the only way out that she saw was a suicide?

Remember the web that spider are making. One little web is not scary. But the whole system brings death to the victim. We see something in common around the relatives of Dmitry Timinsky and his collegues. Nothing deadly is happening. But may be the victims will get tired from pressing and start to make mistakes? Or just give up.

But may be the raiders haven’t much time left. And may be it will be soon possible to understand why some employees in security agencies were so ‘unwary’. Because the investigation against the raiders and their fellows is ongoing. And soon will come the times when the network in law enforcements won’t help.




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