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Ukraine war: MEPs push for special tribunal to punish Russian crimes




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Parliament claims that the atrocities perpetrated by Russian forces in Bucha and Irpin, and other Ukrainian towns, reveal the cruelty of war and highlight the need for coordinated international action to bring those responsible to justice under international law. MEPs call on the EU to work closely with Ukraine and other international organizations to create a special international tribunal that would prosecute Russia's military and political leaders and allies.

MEPs believe that a tribunal would fill a gap in international criminal justice and enhance the investigative efforts by the International Criminal Court. It cannot currently investigate the crime of aggravation when it involves Ukraine.

The political and military leaders of Russia and Belarus must be held responsible

Although the specific modalities and compositions of the special tribunal are still to be determined by MEPs, they insist that it must have the authority to investigate Vladimir Putin and the military and political leadership of Russia.

They stressed that the EU should immediately begin preparatory work for the special tribunal and concentrate on the construction of the arrangements for the court in collaboration with Ukraine. In order to secure evidence for the future, international and Ukrainian authorities should be supported.

The establishment of a special tribunal is a signal to Russia society and the wider international community that both President Putin and his leadership can be tried for the crime against Ukraine. MEPs note that the Russian Federation, under Putin's leadership, cannot return to business as usual.

The text was approved by 472 votes, 19 against and 33 abstentions.


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