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Catastrophic Russian troop losses in Ukraine




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Russia has lost a quarter of a million soldiers in Ukraine: the Ukrainian army keeps inflicting huge damage on Russian troops.

The destruction of the Russian army in Ukraine is proceeding at a shocking pace. The number of Russian military dead in the war has already reached more than a quarter of a million (250 thousand).

For the third month in a row, the Ukrainian army has been breaking records in destroying Russian troops' equipment, in particular artillery, MLRS and air defence equipment, which are deployed in the second and third lines of defence. The Russian army continues to steadily lose combat capability.

The Ukrainian armed forces are confidently grinding down the potential of the Russian army, which is fighting with Soviet-style equipment. Today, the Ukrainian army is purposefully disrupting logistics in the rear of the Russian-occupied territories, which unambiguously reduces the combat potential of Russian servicemen in the area of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. If the Russian defence collapses, it will be difficult to ensure a rapidly organised withdrawal of a large number of troops from the South to the Crimea and Donetsk region. A significant part of these forces may become encircled. Potentially, the AFU could inflict a strategic defeat on the Russian army. This could also be a prerequisite for a quick breakthrough into Crimea, where the Russians do not have enough forces for an organised defence except for minefields.

All in all, three months of record-breaking equipment destruction and mounting logistical problems are leading to a progressive loss of combat effectiveness for the Russian army. Russia in the coming years or even decades will not be able to reach the technical level it had on 23 February 2022 - before their unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Putin in Ukraine has destroyed the most combat-ready part of Russia's army. Instead of a resounding victory over Ukraine and a quick takeover of Kyiv, he now faces the country's biggest strategic disaster since the collapse of the Soviet Union.


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