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Major march to campaign for UK return to EU to be held




A major march will be held in London later this month as part of the campaign for the UK’s eventual return to the EU.

UK nationals who live and work in Europe will join people who are based in Britain on the march on 23 September.

Called the “National Rejoin March” the demo through the streets of London will also be joined by several MEPs, including ALDE’s Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian prime minister, and Terry Reintke, from the Greens.

The march will focus partly on Brexit issues relating to young people, many of whom voted to stay in the EU and who may end up being the hardest hit by the UK’s exit from the Union.

It is expected they will be heavily represented on the march.

Members of Bremain in Spain say they will also fly to the UK to take part in the march which is expected to attract thousands of people.

Speaking to this website on Friday, Clarissa Killwick, of the group “Brexpats - Hear Our Voice" said, "It is great that UK nationals who made their homes in the EU will have some prominence at the Rejoin march.


“In the aftermath of the referendum, many travelled to the UK and participated in marches for the first time ever, myself included! But we've spent years now in the Brexit wilderness, not being heard. It is a misnomer to call us Withdrawal Agreement beneficiaries when our reality is loss of rights affecting our daily lives.”

She added, “For those who moved before Brexit, we are also walking adverts for free movement, the majority of us working age or younger. It is a win-win situation to be able to go where the work is. The positive aspects of our lives need to be highlighted too to help restore these opportunities for all those who have had the door slammed shut on them.”

Further comment came from Sue Wilson, MBE and chair of Bremain in Spain.

She said, “Bremain in Spain have attended every rally, every march, every event that is anti-Brexit and pro-EU since the 2016 referendum.

“As British citizens living in Europe we have been largely invisible to both the British government and the British public.

“But all British citizens have lost valuable rights, benefits and opportunities, regardless of where we live.

“Brexit has caused so much damage to the UK's economy, its reputation and its place in the world. Thankfully, and finally, the British public are waking up to the realities of Brexit and turning against it in ever-increasing numbers.

“Hopefully, before too long, our politicians will catch up and act in the best interests of the country and her people. In the meantime, we will keep turning up to protest, campaign and highlight the benefits of being part of the EU family: Until we are once more".

Also attending will be Lisa Burton, a British citizen who has lived in Lanzarote for ten years.

Lisa, Vice-Chair of Bremain in Spain,told this site, “As British immigrants living in Spain, my colleagues and I at Bremain in Spain campaign to rejoin the EU because we, above all, understand the incredible opportunities freedom of movement allows.

“On September 23, I will speak on stage at the second national rejoin march in London. I will challenge stereotypes of us British in Europe and try to change hearts and minds about freedom of movement, which is paramount to the United Kingdom rejoining the EU.

“Brexit has not just been an economic disaster; it has ruined lives and destroyed dreams. We must do all we can to confront the rhetoric around FoM; however, sadly, it is not just the Conservative Government we are up against to have these rights and opportunities restored.”

She added, “Labour’s leader Keir Starmer has categorically said there will be no return to freedom of movement even though the majority of Brits now want to rejoin.

“He says he wants the best opportunities for British citizens, but how can we believe that if he denies us these rights because, with the ending of freedom of movement, ONLY British people lost the right to live, work, love, marry and retire across 31 countries, putting only us at a disadvantage to our European neighbours.”

“We are not going away until our full rights as European citizens are restored.”

National Rejoin March organiser Peter Corr says he is “delighted to welcome friends and campaigners from across Europe” and is calling on marchers to “ flood London with the flags of all European nations.”

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