#RoadSafety – Commission responds to need for safe and secure parking areas for trucks

| March 14, 2019

There is a need for 400,000 safe and secure parking spaces in the EU. This is the conclusion of a study published by the European Commission today. Cargo trucks are subject to thefts and intrusions, and about 75% of these incidents occur when trucks are parked in unsecure parking facilities.

As a response to this phenomenon, the study presents a detailed mapping of the needs and locations for safe and secure parking spaces in the EU and presents a series of minimum standards necessary to provide reliable and clear information on such spaces to drivers, cargo owners and hauliers.

It is against this context that the Commission is promoting safe and secure parking areas, having made available Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) support funding worth €45 million and setting up an expert group to implement the common standards.

Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said: “Drivers in Europe deserve to be comfortable and safe from harm when resting. This is vital for their safety and the safety to their work across the European roads. The current situation is not acceptable. With a view to improving the working conditions of truck drivers in Europe and protect their social rights as part of Mobility Package I, this study proposes a way forward. We will take the necessary steps to ensure our drivers and cargo owners benefit from safe and secure parking areas in the EU.”

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