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About EU Reporter

eureporter - is a Brussels based European multimedia news platform, providing online news and video comment on EU and world affairs in all EU official languages. It is freely available on the world-wide web as an online news portal with video news and as an electronic magazine with iPhone / iPad and Android applications. Read by key decision-makers throughout Europe, eureporter regularly publishes exclusive interviews with leading European politicians and decision-makers, as well as opinion pieces by influential thinkers, experts and business people. It is widely read by law makers, policy and business decision-makers in Brussels and national capitals.

The findings from the 2016 EU Media Poll, ‘What Influences the Influencers’, a ComRes/Burson-Marsteller survey into the preferred news sources and social media channels used by MEPs, EU officials and opinion-formers in Brussels.

EU Reporter rates at 8%, equal to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and ahead of the Guardian Online (6%) as the online news provider of choice among MEPs, EU Institutions staff and Brussels decision-makers and opinion-formers.

eureporter broadcast quality video news and video features gives it an edge, as does its ability to broadcast video advertisements, sponsored videos and video news releases online. The special focus on VIDEO interviews with political actors is highly appreciated and forms one of the most successful current trends of eureporter offering.

Web Site:

eureporter has its own video production facilities, camera crews and video editing, based in Brussels.

The web site –  – carries daily news updates and presents a simple, uncluttered layout and navigation so as to welcome rather than overwhelm the visitor.  The information is classified into groups:

  • Subjects: Politics, Defence, Economy, Energy, Environment, Education, Health, Human Rights, Lifestyle, Animal Welfare, World
  • Format: Video News, Featured Videos, Online TV, Podcasts, Photo Journalism, Opinion, Featured Articles, Premium Magazine
  • Latest: news, latest videos, latest articles
  • Country: All 28 EU member states, Neighbourhood and World

Social media:

eureporter makes fullest use of social media, in particular Twitter and Facebook. All text and video stories are automatically posted on all social media so as to maximise coverage and impact, with:

  • Minute by minute news updates on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites .
  • Video news and features in broadcast quality, with regular daily news videos, feature documentaries and video advertisements. They are all connected to the YOUTUBE TV channel and remain on public display for free after the release without limitation.
  • Banner advertisements with click through to partner’s web sites.

Online Statistics

  • The eureporter web site is currently getting over 1.8 million visits per month and building (Source Google analytics). eureporter is not a mass market publication but rather one with a dedicated and interested readership / viewership. Main stream news sites will have greater metrics, but not as politically focussed.
  • Viewed in over 157 countries and territories world-wide.
  • Average time on the site is over 6 minutes. The web site is receiving in excess of 900 banner ad click throughs per month to advertiser’s web sites
  • The eureporter iPhone and iPad apps are being downloaded over 500 times per month from the Apple Store.
  • The Apps are receiving in excess of 30,000 views per month.

Readership and distribution:

eureporter is also distributed monthly as a digital magazine by email to over 25,000 registered subscribers comprising of Politicians and officials in the EU institutions, Permanent Representations, Embassies, Trade Associations, NGOs, Think Tanks and other EU movers and shakers who are quality politically aware euro-actors, influencers and decision makers. As such they are a well-focused and attractive audience for embassies wishing to influence European political thinking and decision making.

Analytics tell us that eureporter's followers are in their late thirties, typically married men with high income. The account has a notable audience concentration in Brussels.

  • Professionally, eureporter's followers work as politicians, lawyers, consultants, senior managers, civil servants / functionaries and sales/marketing managers.
  • Journalists: eureporter has an exceptionally high concentration of journalists as a segment of its audience(within the top 10% of all websites in this respect).
  • In their spare time they enjoy history, political news, reading, science news and travel. eureporter followers are charitably generous.
  • As consumers they are relatively affluent, with spending focused most strongly on travel, technology and hobbies. Brand affinities far stronger than average include Ryanair, Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Easy Jet and Lufthansa.
  • On social media they talk most often about news/politics, business and technology. Strong influences for this audience include The Economist, BBC News, Reuters, New York Times and BBC Global News.

o             59.4% are male

o             97.2% are married

o             26.9% are parents

o             36.2 yrs. average age

o             $42.9k/yr. average. income

eureporter has an international audience, with a notable audience concentration in Brussels. Top cities are:

  • Brussels (17.7%)
  • London (12.7%)
  • New York (2.8%)
  • Paris (2.6%)
  • Athens (2.5%)

eureporter’s multimedia platform  is viewed in over 157 countries and territories throughout the world.  E-mail alerts are send out once per month to our subscriber list of over 25,000 viewers alerting them to the latest stories.

Google Analytics - Viewership – 157 Countries and territories, Average impressions per day – 25,000, Average viewers per day - 3,685, Average page visits - 3.54, Average visit duration - 05:38

Syndication:  eureporter stories, features and videos are syndicated to over 5,000 news outlets worldwide via PR Newswire (example story) and via the People’s Daily of China, as a result of our partnership agreement. This provides a potential audience of over 3 billion people (almost half the world population).