Labour MEP calls for immediate action from Home Secretary on Hungarian Fascist visit

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gabor-vonaMEP Claude Moraes, a London Labour member of European Parliament and European Parliamentary Labour Party spokesperson on home affairs, is calling for an immediate response from the Home Secretary Theresa May on a planned visit to London by Gabor Vona, the leader of the Hungarian Jobbik party.

Claude Moraes has written to the Home Secretary about the case. In his letter he says: “A visit to London by the Hungarian Fascist leader Gabor Vona would be unwelcome at any point but his plans to stage an event here on Sunday, the eve of Holocaust Memorial day, is nothing short of grotesque. Vona’s Jobbik party has allied with the BNP, Greece’s Golden Dawn and the French Front National. Theresa May should make an immediate statement on how she would use her powers in this situation, and give this unwelcome visit the priority and attention it deserves.

“Vona’s declared aim is to seek support among the Hungarian community in the UK for his party’s campaigns in the Hungarian General Election and the European elections in May. But his visit is bound to alarm the Jewish community and other minorities that his message of hate will be brought to London. Theresa May has a duty to prevent damage to community relations in Britain that will undoubtedly be inflicted by the hatred of minorities that is at the heart of Jobbik’s campaigning.

“As co-author of the ‘Hungary Resolution’ I have worked hard in the European Parliament with Hungarian politicians and civil society to warn of the real and present dangers that far-right movements like Jobbik have created within Hungarian society. It is vital that people in the UK understand the potential threat Jobbik present when they work with other political parties. I call on the Home Secretary and all democratic politicians in the UK and Europe to support the Hope not Hate Petition which is mobilizing opposition to Jobbik and defending Jewish, Roma and other communities that are their targets.”


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