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Abraham-Lincoln-Battlegroup-870x370The rapidly changing international economic situation and constantly emerging new security concerns mean that the European defence industry must transform itself if it is to be capable of maintaining the security of the EU in the years to come.

In this context, Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship and Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier will co-host a high-level conference on the defence industry and markets in Brussels on Tuesday, 4 March. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, will open the conference the key objective of which is to work with the defence community to identify the best ways to implement the actions set out in the recent Commission Communication on defence, in the light of the European Council Conclusions adopted in December 2013.

The critical issue for the Commission is how to ensure that the defence sector, which is a pioneer in innovation and makes a significant contribution to the wider economy, continues to deliver world-class technologies and products in support of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy. Four working sessions will focus on different aspects of this contribution, ranging from industrial policy and the Single Market to SME policy tools and Research and Innovation.

Conference attendees will come from across the EU defence sector, including high-level representatives from national administrations, the armed forces, the defence and security industries and international organizations.


The European defence industry faces a number of challenges including reduced defence procurement budgets, falling investment in defence research and development (R&D), and fragmented markets within the EU. In addition, many European companies face increased competition from companies based in emerging markets where investment in defence procurement and R&D is growing; in 2008 the combined defence R&D spending of Brazil, Russia, India and China was equal to that of the UK, France and Germany but now it is more than double.

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Conference programme
The conference will be webstreamed here.

IP/13/734 and MEMO/13/722: Towards a more competitive and efficient European defence and security sector


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