Nabil El Araby: ‘The EU is looked upon by many as the conscience of mankind today’

| January 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

ARAP BIRLIGI'NDE SURIYELI MULTECILER TOPLANTISIFollowing the Paris attacks the secretary-general of the Arab League has urged greater cooperation between it and the EU to counter extremism. Addressing the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee on 20 January Nabil El Araby said: “The problems we face now are of universal character and are not confined to one place.” He outlined how the Arab world looks upon Europe and said that “the European Union has been to the forefront of all just causes”. 

Referring to the EU as the “conscience of mankind” he said he was very grateful for the increased cooperation between Europe and the Arab League in recent years. He also expressed his appreciation for the resolution on the recognition of Palestinian statehood which was passed by Parliament last month: “It is time really for the Palestinians to live in peace and dignity, and for the Israelis also.”

During the hour-long exchange of views Dr Nabil El Araby also discussed the future of Libya and Syria. He drew comparison between the Arab Spring and the post-1989 political transition in eastern European countries.

Click here for an interview with the secretary-general following his meeting with the foreign affairs committee.


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