Protests in #Bucharest against human rights abuses by the anti-corruption authorities

| June 11, 2018

Over 100,000 protesters dressed in white gathered in Bucharest this weekend to rally against alleged abuses committed by Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors.  Romania’s ruling Social Democratic Party believe prosecutors have too much power and that these powers have been abused, including through illegal telephone tapping and unjust targeting of officials with insufficient cause.  Romanian supporters of the government’s position gathered to demonstrate against the alleged abuses by anti-corruption authorities.

Romanians taking part in the rally spoke about how they believe their own telephones are tapped and compared the current situation to that under Romania’s communist era.  The mayor of Bucharest was present at the rally and spoke to the crowd, explaining that the protest was gathered “to defend dignity and freedom.”

Liviu Plesoianu, an MP for the Social Democratic Party, also addressed the crowd: “We have gathered here, hundreds of thousand of free Romanians, to protest against the Deep State who took our country hostage for more than a decade.   We are here to protest against the secret protocols between the secret services and the prosecutors, between the secret services and the judicial system. We are here to protest against the illegal mass interception and surveillance of millions of Romanians.”

Plesoianu added: “We will no longer accept to ruin our political class, our domestic capital and our whole society in the name of the fake anti-corruption fight! Laura Codruta Kovesi, the chief prosecutor of Romania’s National Anti-corruption Directorate and former Prosecutor General of Romania, participated in a secret meeting, in the evening of the Presidential Elections of 2009, at a well-known politician’s house, together with the director and the deputy director of the Romanian Intelligence Service. They were all put into service by President Basescu, who was running for a second term.  This is the real face of Mrs Kovesi! Now, she has been revoked from office by the Minister of Justice, the Constitutional Court of Romania decided President Iohannis has the constitutional obligation of signing the revocation decree. And she still doesn’t have the human common-sense to resign.  This is the true face of the so-called anti-corruption fight in Romania.   A hideous experiment, a fake that has to stop and that should never be repeated anywhere else on this planet.”

The weekend’s protests come after prolonged scandal in Romania over the Anti-Corruption Directorate’s (DNA) protocols with the intelligence services and the alleged fabrication of evidence at the DNA’s Ploiesti local office.  The DNA has also been subject to negative attention over their failure to secure convictions for high-profile officials in recent cases.


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