Human Rights Without Frontiers debate on Child Marriage

| October 14, 2018

Welcome to the first of a series of EU Reporter discussion programmes, brought to you in partnership with Human Rights Without Frontiers.

Today we’re looking at Child Marriage, defined as a marriage in which one or both of the people getting married is below the legal age of consent in that country.
Of course, in nearly every case, it’s the girl who is underage.

Talking about the issue are: Elisa Van Ruiten, a Gender Specialist at Human Rights Without Frontiers International; Mohinder Watson, who is a researcher and activist against child marriage, who escaped a forced marriage of her own as a teenager; and Emilio Puccio, the Coordinator of the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights, which is a cross-party and cross-national group comprising over 90 MEPs and 25 child-focused organizations.
The presenter is eureporter’s Jim Gibbons

Every day somewhere in the world, 39,000 young girls are married before they reach the age of majority; more than a third of them are younger than 15, according to the Council of Europe. We may be well into the 21st century but too many girls are still forced to live in a bygone age of male dominance. Human Rights Without Frontiers has just produced a report on women’s rights and the Abrahamic faiths o Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


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