#TheSun seeks to dish dirt on Jean-Claude Juncker

| December 19, 2018

The UK’s best-selling tabloid newspaper The Sun has this week been offering journalists in Brussels large amounts of money to follow European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, to come up with scurillous information about his habits and lifestyle, writes James Drew.

EU Reporter was contacted by The Sun’s Deputy Digital Features Editor Jessica Wilson by email with a substantial financial offer to “to tail Juncker for a couple of days – we know so little about him and his routine and we just want to get some colour on his life”.

When pressed for further details, she emailed back, saying: “We want someone to tail him and sit outside his house to see what colour we can get about his life – what’s his routine, where does he live? Is he as drunk as people suggest?”

EU Reporter turned down her substantial financial offer to take on the task, as we believe that this is the worst form of tabloid journalism from the most questionable part of the UK press.

EU Reporter Publisher Colin Stevens said: “The Sun revised its offer upwards three times, desperate for us to collect dirt on Jean-Claude Juncker. Each time, we turned them down. This is the grubby underbelly of a Rupert Murdoch (pictured)-controlled tabloid press that makes me ashamed to be British.”


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