#StateAid: Commission to prolong EU state aid rules and launch evaluation

| January 9, 2019

The European Commission plans to prolong for two years seven sets of state aid rules, otherwise expiring in 2020. The Commission has also launched an evaluation of those rules and of other state aid rules to assess whether to further prolong them or possibly update them in the future. Since May 2012, the Commission has implemented a major reform of EU state aid rules, the State Aid Modernization.

This allows member states to quickly implement state aid that fosters investment, economic growth and job creation, leaving the Commission to focus its state aid control on the cases most liable to distort competition.

To provide predictability and legal certainty, whilst preparing for a possible future update of the state aid rules adopted as part of the State Aid Modernization, the Commission will take two steps. First, the Commission intends to prolong for two years (until end 2022) the validity of the rules otherwise expiring by end 2020.

Second, line with the Commission’s Better Regulation Guidelines, the Commission will evaluate those rules together with the other state aid rules. The evaluation takes the form of a ‘fitness check and will provide a basis for decisions, to be taken by the Commission in the future, about whether to further prolong or possibly update the rules.

The full press release is available online in EN, FR, DE.


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