Pressure grows on Labour to back May’s #Brexit deal in return for a People’s Vote on EU election day

| February 22, 2019

Leading civil rights organization New Europeans has written to the Labour party’s shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer MP (pictured), calling on him to back a grassroots proposal for Brexit to be delayed by three months to allow for a referendum on the Brexit deal on the day of the EU elections.

Speaking about the latest developments, Roger Casale, the former Labour MP and founder and CEO of New Europeans said: “The withdrawal agreement cannot be renegotiated – the EU has made that clear. Theresa May can only get her deal through with support from the Labour Party. The price for that should be a further public vote on the reality of here Brexit deal.”

Despite the defections from both major UK parties this week, New Europeans is confident  the necessary legislation to secure this compromise can still command a majority in the House of Commons.

Two Labour MPs, Peter Kyle  and Phil Wilson, have taken the lead in building a cross-party coalition to support the proposal and this is making progress. Mike Gapes MP of the Independent Group has also indicated his support for the proposal.

Speaking in Brussels where he was attending meetings with Jeremy Corbyn MP and Commission officials, Sir Keir said: “The only credible way forward is either the close economic relationship that was proposed in the letter to the prime minister or the option of a public vote.”

In response, Casale said: “Labour has exhausted all other options and must now call for a People’s Vote. By early next week we expect Labour to be supportive of our proposal. The Kyle/Wilson amendment as the means of securing a referendum on the final deal.”

Key to persuading the Labour party leadership to support this way forward will the position of John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor.

Speaking about his former colleague from the Parliamentary Labour Party, Casale said: “John McDonnell MP has always been a great campaigner for the rights of EU27 citizens even from before the referendum. He understands that the uncertainty facing #the5million EU27 citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe has got to brought to an end and he will not be deaf to the voices of the grassroots campaigners calling on the Labour Party to support this proposal.”


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