#SecurityUnion – Entry into force of more stringent rules for explosives and fight against financing of #Terrorism

| August 2, 2019

More stringent European rules on explosive precursors have come into force. They will help to prevent terrorist acts by limiting access to hazardous substances while strengthening safeguards and controls for the sale of hazardous chemicals that can be diverted for the manufacture of improvised explosives.

The new measures will ban new substances, harmonize the rules for online and offline purchases, limit access to the general public through a license to obtain only certain precursors that are subject to restrictions, and to allow better regulation. sharing of information between companies and national authorities. Also today, new rules facilitating the cross-border access of law enforcement and judicial authorities to financial information during criminal investigations come into force.

The new measures include giving authorities, asset recovery bureaus and anti-corruption authorities direct access to banking information contained in centralized national bank account registers. They will also ensure greater cooperation between national services, Europol and financial intelligence units, while ensuring robust procedural and data protection safeguards, in line with the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Member states now have 18 months to implement the new rules on access to explosives precursors and two years for those relating to financial reporting. The European Commission is at their disposal to provide them with the necessary assistance.


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