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#CarltonJamesGroup invests $2.5 million into #CRTG, an #InnovativeTechnologyGroup




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The Carlton James Group, a private investment group specialising in diversified portfolios across varying global asset classes including equity, capital markets, trading and real estate, is proud to announce the most recent investment by the group’s flagship mutual fund – the Diversified Alpha Fund (DAF). DAF has commenced lending to the Coretec Group, a US publicly traded company committed to the development of material technologies for applications within a wide range of industries that include energy storage, solar, solid state lighting, printable electronics and even 3D displays.

The Coretec Group is currently focused on providing new and improved silicon-based materials that meet the needs and specifications of energy storage, specifically relating to lithium-ion batteries and semiconductors. The tech for these two areas of application is market-ready, as the global market for semiconductor memory is expected to increase by $730 billion by 2024, and the lithium-ion battery category set to exceed $92 billion by that same year.

The Coretec Group is also preparing silicon-based materials for areas of adoption including but not limited to quantum dots for drug delivery, solid-state lighting (LEDs), solar energy and Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), and printable electronics (asset monitoring).

“Coretec’s technology has always fascinated our team, especially as the battery application alone could revolutionize the electric car industry without changing any major components,” said Simon Calton, CEO of the Carlton James Group. “By adding liquid silicon to lithium-ion batteries, Coretec has experienced an increase in power life of those batteries up to five times, a statistically significant metric, and one that we believe will drive down costs along the supply chain, and ultimately to the consumer. With its intellectual property [and sprinkling of trade secrets] in place, we are confident Coretec will establish itself as a leader in its respective product categories.”

Interest in The Coretec Group’s CHS developments in their lithium-ion batteries and semiconductor memory devices has soared as of late, as manufacturers and end-users alike continue to seek new and innovative materials that reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Coretec is currently in talks with one of the largest specialty chemical companies in the world to enter into a joint development agreement, where the manufacturing of the product would be completely handled by them, whilst Coretec produces the intellectual property.

Coretec’s formation was a result of a merger between Coretec Industries, LLC and 3DIcon Corporation in 2015. The Company plans to commercialise the technology developed by both the merged companies, high-value silicon precursor – cyclohexasilane (“Si6H12” or “CHS”) and 3D volumetric display, respectively, to drive revenue and ultimately achieve shareholder value.

“This funding will accelerate commercialization efforts and the development of intellectual property.  We are especially pleased to have The Carlton James Group as an investor as they’ve known Coretec for several years and understand our focused application of Coretec’s technology,” said Michael Kraft, CEO of The Coretec Group


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About the Carlton James Group

The Carlton James Group is a private investment group specializing in diversified portfolios across varying global asset classes with a core emphasis on real estate. The company’s Diversified Alpha Fund (DAF) is designed to manage risk and diversify over multiple asset classes, jurisdictions and marketplaces to offer truly diversified strategy that can follow the market and secure shareholders against market uncertainty. The Carlton James Group structured its DAF to utilize its existing strategies and experience which has historically overcome macro-economic issues beyond their control successful over previous economic cycles.

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