Media advisory by EU Auditors: Upcoming report on #EUEcodesign and #EnergyLabels

| January 15, 2020

Today (15 January), the European Court of Auditors (ECA) will publish a special report on the EU actions on ecodesign and energy labelling.


The ECA decided to look at this policy area because it is claimed to have a vital role in achieving the energy efficiency targets set by the EU and, with the adoption of a new legislative package in 2019, there is increasing interest by the public and stakeholders. The auditors assessed whether the EU’s actions on ecodesign and energy labelling have effectively contributed to reaching its energy efficiency and environmental objectives. Based on their findings, the auditors will make a number of recommendations to the European Commission.


The EU ecodesign legislation works by setting minimum energy efficiency and environmental requirements for household and industrial products. EU energy labels provide information to consumers on the products’ energy consumption and environmental performance, and help them make informed decisions. Both are key instruments to achieve EU’s energy efficiency targets and to develop circular economy.

The report and press release will be published on the ECA website in 23 EU languages today at 11h30.

The ECA’s special reports set out the results of its audits of EU policies and programmes or management topics related to specific budgetary areas. The ECA selects and designs these audit tasks to be of maximum impact by considering the risks to performance or compliance, the level of income or spending involved, forthcoming developments and political and public interest.


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